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Bullies Versus Boxing


Teach bully children to control their anger with 
anger management training and the development of empathy 
skills via Boxing Classes at (Torquay Coastal Boxing and
Fitness Gym) (6A Baines Cres. ph.0417144794).

BULLYING can occur anywhere individuals interact together
 (such as school, home and workplace). Within the school
 environment, bullying usually occurs in areas with minimal or
 no adult, teacher supervision. It can happen in or around the
 school buildings, but more often occurs in outside classes
 like sports, at lunch breaks, in toilets, the playground, in
 and waiting for buses, as well as during after-school activities.

Victims of childhood bullying often remain passive, detached and lacking in social competence and skills needed to have healthy, functional interactions with others as an adult.

Boxing training for fitness and self defense can enhance a victim of bullying’s self esteem, teaches them how to become more assertive, and how to stand up
 for their own rights without violating others. Conflict resolution skills aim to create a win-win situation for both the bully and victim. For example, by shifting attention away
 from those involved and onto the problem, creative problem
 solving can occur.

Teaching a child early about conflict resolution will empower, prepare and support students to better deal with conflict
 situations anywhere and in later life. Some of these skills
 include effective listening, negotiation, assertiveness,
 problem solving and reflecting skills. Confidence and communication building strategies such boxing which also
 teaches children respect and discipline amid a fun environment form part of an intervention package. Here at the gym, children feel free to speak about their feelings of anger, hurt, or fear openly and not to withdraw or retreat as this
 may exacerbate feelings of sadness and isolation. We make
 it clear at Boxing that bullying is never acceptable or
 deserved. We emphasise the consequences of being hurt and of hurting others.