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Just ‘some’ of our Quality Gym facilities:

  • 1 full size professional boxing ring
  • boxing bags
  • rhythm balls
  • speed balls
  • shadow box mirrors
  • swiss balls
  • mediballs
  • treadmills
  • spin bikes
  • steppers
  • cross trainers
  • rowers
  • weight machines and systems
  • ciruit equip.
  • MMA equip.
  • kettle bells



Cost of Boxing training: is much like everything else, especially upon getting started.  Due to insurance/safety/rental costs etc, spectator boxing gyms don’t exist. Correct Focus Pad work and carefully controlled boxing training is a highly specialist and unique field in effective fitness and skills training. Today, people are realizing that safe boxing training is more fun, more efficient than other types of training and covers more than just general fitness issues. Boxing and fitness training is great for learning self-defense, building self esteem, anger management, co-ordination, muscle toning and strengthening, weight management, self discipline….how much time do you have? And, how much is your health worth?

Membership or casual? If you are paying casually, you may be paying more than you need.  Committing to a yearly membership is sensible. It guarantees you a place, will save you almost triple and is a good indicator that you are serious about results.

Cant afford up front Membership?  See Ashley about Direct Debit which makes it easy and affordable.

What to buy:  For health and safety reasons, it is necessary to purchase wrist protection wraps (See Ashley). You will also need proper boxing gloves.  Mitts are not permitted.  For newcomers we have glove hire for $5 but for best technique results, hygiene, comfort and safety, please buy your own. You wouldn’t share other people’s socks, the same applies with gloves. Sometimes, Ashley is able to do great deals on gloves and boxing equipment in general.

What to bring: A Towel and Water! Otherwise, bottled water, and drinks are available.  And, always wear clothes that are loose and comfortable for you, especially good CLEAN runners.  Dress warm in winter, especially when leaving the gym on cold nights.  Valuables, rings, watches, and earrings are best left at home.

Representation: (SEE OUR SHOP) Gym loyalty is honorable and never goes unnoticed.  Anyone wishing to represent our Gym is welcome to do so by purchasing any of our fine quality singlets, t-shirts, warm zip up hoodies, beanies/caps, boxing gloves, etc, that displays our unique logo.

Car parking:  There is parking directly outside the gym and all along the street.  Please do not park in the facility next door.

People denied entry:  Those who have not paid on entry, spectators, or anyone coming later than five minutes to a class.

Unacceptable behaviour: Management reserves the right to terminate membership due to unacceptable behaviour.  Negativity that brings others down, especially during classes, will not be tolerated.  Instructors are the only ones permitted to take classes or give instruction.

Avoiding injury: Warming up/down and stretching, drinking lots of fluids for adequate hydration, punching correctly, and training at a pace that suits the individual are all essential.  Once again, wear proper boxing gloves and wraps.

Sparring: Whatever you do at Coastal Boxing, you do solely at your own risk.  Although the utmost care is taken to ensure your safety, there is always a small chance of injury.  Competitors wishing to spar must be organized to present a current doctors medical certificate.  This activity must be under supervision only and all participants must wear approved 16oz gloves, head and groin protection, sand shoes and must wear a mouth guard at all times.

Hygiene: Clean sandshoes, deodorant, spare clothes and a towel please.

Age and safety requirements: Children 7 years and over are welcome.  In fact, 12 years old is the ideal age to start.  We encourage children between 7 and 15 to come to the earlier mixed classes at 430pm.  Children under 15 years are not permitted to use weights and children under 11 must be supervised by a parent.  Adults over 45 or anyone with serious health problems must present a medical certificate upon arrival.

Competition fight nights: Promote your business by becoming a sponsor.

Sponsorship: Other businesses wanting to sponsor or work in with Coastal Boxing will receive free advertising benefits and/or good discounts on prices, (see Ashley).

Member affiliates: A full member who introduces another full member will be paid $100.

Classes can be added or subtracted and are subject to change according to demand.